If anyone else were to intrude
upon my life
the way you had,
so pompous and proud,
I would have surely omitted them in full
But you,
you gave me a thousand reasons to preserve you
when I would have been eager to
rid myself of your presence
any other time.
I often find myself feeling
particularly lonesome around 1:00 AM
when the world seems solemn and asleep.
My arms draped over the cold side of the bed,
imagining you lying there
caressing my cheeks.
I noticed yesterday that I begin to hum that song you played for me that night
when I believed my world was
engulfed in flames.

Maybe you were my source of residency.
I sought out comfort in your crooked nose
and you held my hostage with your mirror eyes.
Even the scar hanging above your
left eyebrow
kept me on the tips of my toes.
You were reckless
without ever being
and for that I will always love you.
Even when there is nothing left of me
to love you with

— Yesterday (via green-ing)

But like I feel as though I am dying on the inside

You can ask me anything and I’ll answer honestly, but only with yes and no.

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Do you think eyelid kisses are nice?